Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN)


Wrong on Community Priorities

Since the City annexed Welaunee over 30 years ago our community has seen many changes. We have had 30 years of sustained development in the northeast but very small public and private investment in the southern parts of the city and county. The crushing economic disparity and segregation advanced by this land use development pattern cries out for a new, more equitable plan to guide growth and development. Now we face a pandemic which will undoubtedly have long term economic impacts. This is not the time for local government to commit the public to a large, financially risky real estate development in the northeast.

Wrong on Public Involvement

The County Commission’s recent reversal of their decision to delay the May 26 th public hearing on the Welaunee Comp Plan amendments represents status quo power politics that crosses the line of ethical procedures and open government decision-making.

A virtual meeting without real time public comment is a slap in the face to public engagement. City and county commissioners have voiced their commitment to restoring trust, transparency, and public participation in government. The virtual meeting scheduled for May 26th fails on all three counts. Only a meeting that welcomes all— in a safe environment— will suffice for an issue of this consequence.

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