Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN)


Guiding Principles

  1. We advocate for responsible, incremental growth in Tallahassee and Leon County that preserves, protects, and enhances the quality of life for all residents.
  2. We advocate for early and on-going staff-resident-elected official engagement through open and transparent governmental processes, with relevant data presented to representative audiences through culturally, educationally, and technologically-appropriate means.
  3. We advocate for innovative urban planning and growth management that advances the livability of Tallahassee’s neighborhoods, downtown, and business districts. Good planning is forward thinking and seeks creative ways to enhance our local identity and quality of life.
  4. We advocate for early notice of and neighborhood-based participation in public and private development/infrastructure projects. The special quality of community life in Tallahassee is created and sustained by the city’s neighborhoods, and they must always be able to participate in a meaningful way in the city’s planning for infrastructure development and growth.
  5. We advocate for the preservation and enhancement of neighborhoods and unique cultural, historical, and natural area features and open space to strengthen Tallahassee’s unique sense of place.
  6. We advocate for neighborhood revitalization rather than neighborhood renewal and for land use, zoning, infrastructure, programs, and services that are just and equitable for all neighborhoods.
  7. We advocate for developments whose design, scale, and function complement the surrounding built, social, and natural environment. Development should occur incrementally to adjust for changes in community conditions.
  8. We advocate that, within the Multi-Modal Transportation District, infrastructure providing for better walkability, bikability, public transportation, and enhanced pedestrian access and amenities be built before increasing density.
  9. We support community advocacy and local business organizations whose purposes are consistent with ATN’s vision statement and guiding principles.
  10. We provide community education regarding the governing philosophy and positions of political candidates. ATN will interview all city and county commission candidates on issues that are important to neighborhoods and publish their answers, and, in order to maintain political neutrality as representatives of all residents of ATN neighborhoods, we will never endorse a candidate for office.