Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN)


Neighborhood Conversations with the Candidates

ATN teams interviewed local candidates for their views on neighborhood issues and concerns. We contacted all city commission candidates and county commission candidates for District 3. These races most closely reflect ATN member neighborhoods.

The interviews lasted from an hour to an hour and a half. Our intent was to get past the sound bites to a rich discussion of a candidate’s positions. We told the candidates we would be discussing neighborhood and growth management issues, but we didn’t give them the questions ahead of time. While the interviews were conducted as open conversations, all candidates were asked the same questions to initiate a topic. The same ATN team interviewed all the candidates for a particular seat or district.

Note: The responses are not direct quotes of the candidates unless enclosed in quotation marks. The interviews were not recorded. As we condensed the information to a readable length, we wrote the candidates’ responses as first person narratives to keep the conversation “feel” and to make them more readable.

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