ATN teams interviewed city and county commission candidates for their views on neighborhood issues and concerns. 

The interviews lasted about an hour.  We told the candidates we would be discussing neighborhood and growth management issues, but didn’t give them the questions ahead of time.  While the interviews were conducted as open conversations, all candidates were asked the same questions to initiate a topic.  In some cases, follow-up questions were asked to get more detail. 

Note: As we condensed the information, we wrote the candidates’ responses as first person narratives.  The responses are not direct quotes of the candidates unless enclosed in quotation marks.

There are two ways to access the interviews:

1.  To learn about a particular candidate, click his/her name below.  You will be linked to his/her interview. After reading the interview, use your browser’s back arrow to return to this page.

2.  To compare the candidates’ answers in a particular race, click on one of the question areas in the right column.  Scroll down to the particular race.  Click on a candidate’s tab to read his/her answer.  When finished, scroll back up to the candidates tabs and click on another candidate.  Use back arrow to return to candidate interviews home page (this page).

Leon County Commission

District 1:  Terrance Barber, Donna Pearl Cotterell, Bill Proctor

District 2:  Sabrina Allen, Lynda Gayle Bell, Christian Caban, Hannah Crow, Will Crowley,

Max Epstein, Manny Joanos

District 3:  Joey Lamar, Rick Minor, Damon Victor

District 5:  Paula DeBoles Johnson, David O’Keefe, Jay Revell, Dustin Rivest

At Large, Seat 2:  Rudolph Ferguson, Sr., Josh Johnson

Nick Maddox, Dominique (“Nikki”) Danielle Zumbo

City Commission

Seat 3:  David Bellamy, Jeremy Matlow

Seat 4/Mayor:  John Dailey, Kristin Dozier

Seat 5:  Shelby Green, Adner Marcelin, Dianne Williams-Cox