Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN)


Statement of Purpose

ATN advocates for policies and initiatives that protect and enhance Tallahassee and its neighborhoods. Vibrant neighborhoods drive Tallahassee’s enviable quality of life. Using our combined knowledge, expertise, and energy we build consensus on critical issues and take constructive action. We believe that citizen participation in city development processes is vital to a successful future.

ATN Leadership

Co-Leads: Mike Brezin and Carrie Litherland

Steering Committee: Ramona Abernathy-Paine, Wendy Grey, Debbie Lightsey, Kathy McGuire, Rosa Morgan, Piers, Rawling, and Mario Taylor

Who are we?

We are non-partisan neighborhood advocates troubled by recent development policies and initiatives to boost urban population density at the expense of in-town neighborhoods. Vibrant neighborhoods drive Tallahassee’s enviable quality of life. We seek to ensure that neighborhoods thrive for the collective good of the whole city.

We support sound urban development. We are acutely aware of sprawl’s adverse impacts on city resources and citizens. We support thoughtful incremental development paired with sensible policies that enhance, complement, and respect our neighborhoods. This perspective corresponds to the Vision Statement in the Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan.

While we have begun as an organization of in-town neighborhoods, we will expand to neighborhoods outside the city core that face similar issues.

Why did we organize?

We were driven to join together by the fact that we all face increasing threats to the integrity of our neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in which we’ve improved our homes, taken care of our yards, gotten involved in our schools, cared for our parks, and become friends with our neighbors.

This is not an issue of “not in my backyard” or NIMBY. Rather, it’s protecting the livability of Tallahassee’s neighborhoods; the qualities that make Tallahassee such a wonderful place to live.

We are stronger together. We cooperate with one another to enhance neighborhoods. We’re an alliance to defend any one of our member neighborhoods. We’re prepared to mobilize residents from all neighborhoods to take political action to protect each neighborhood.

Which constituencies do we represent?

We are conduits of influence for our neighborhoods. We keep neighbors informed about the planning and growth management issues that affect our livability. Our neighbors care deeply about where they live – and they VOTE their interests. Here are some documenting statistics:

Neighborhood Voting Turnout 2018 Primary & General Election*
Neighborhood Primary Turnout (%) General Turnout (%)
Betton Hills (web) / Lavayette Park (web) / MidTown / DayStar 56.7 78.58
Los Robles / Pine Grove 42.37 80.37
Brookwood 42.43 67.34
Glendale 50.37 78.83
Levy Park (web) 36.72 62.86
Indian Head (web) / Lehigh / Myers Park (web) 54.74 75.18
Rose Hollow 56.64 80.37

*Some neighborhoods are combined due to precinct coverage. Also, some neighborhoods are in precincts with neighborhoods not in ATN.